Construction FAQ

Listed below are questions that some customers have asked us over the years of providing construction services. If you don’t see the question and answer you are looking for, please contact us directly and we will address your issues personally.


How close do you stay to timelines?

When you make an agreement with Huron Construction we will give you an approximate timeline of when we can start and finish the project. We aim to keep this timeline, but if anything unforeseen comes up, which delays the project, we always talk with the customer making sure this will not cause any trouble. We do not rush, but we do make the absolute best of our time.

How are payments made and when are they made?

A payment schedule, custom made to fit your project, will be given prior to the start of your project. It may include a 10% down payment, progress payments, & a final payment after the job is complete. Depending on the size of your project, or other variables of your project, different payment terms may be written up specifically for you. Please contact us to discuss your own plan!

How many of your customers come from repeat business, or from referrals from existing or previous customers?

We are very blessed to say that almost all of our customers come to us, or are referred to us from customers we've worked for in the past or by people who have seen our work. We serve all our customers’ construction needs striving to keep them for life.

How do you deal with building permits?

Depending on your location and what on what project is being done, a permit may be required or it may not. If a building permit is required for your project, we leave it up to you whether you obtain the permit yourself or whether you would like us to obtain the permit for you. Huron Construction will handle all inspections, make sure everything is built to code, and make sure that the project and process satisfies all requirements to the letter of the law.

What if I wish to change something after the contract is signed?

Although in an ideal world the entire project would be planned out beforehand, we know in the real world of construction this does not always happen. At the point during the construction project where a change is made from the original contract, a change work order will be written and signed by the customer authorizing the general contractor (Huron Construction) to do the additional or changed work that was not included in the original contract. A change work order also may be written when the general contractor (Huron Construction) comes across any unforeseen challenges.

What area do you service?

We do custom building and general construction & contracting work in and around the towns Clifford, Listowel, Mount Forest, Walkerton, Hanover, Wingham, Fergus, Orangeville, Shelburne, Stratford, Elmira, Waterloo, Guelph, Goderich, Port Elgin, Kincardine, Owen Sound, and all of Midwestern Ontario. Although, if you are outside this area, this does not mean we won’t service you. Please contact us to discuss arrangements.